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Details about the new development in Suiderstrand.

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  • Who is responsible for developing the property?
    The development team comprises of experts in the fields of Property Development, Finance, Legal and Environmental Sustainability. We are led by developer and local resident Ben Smit, with more than 20 years’ experience in residential development and a passion for the area's natural biodiversity. Smit has also been involved in local developments such as Nautilus Lifestyle Village in nearby Struisbaai and Heuningberg Farmstead in Bredasdorp.
  • How do I reserve a stand?
    Contact our specialist agent to reserve your stand. They will supply you with all the necessary documents and forms for completion. A reservation fee of R 100,000 is payable into the trust account of the nominated transferring attorneys upon the conclusion of your offer to purchase.
  • Will transfer duty be payable on the purchase price?
    No. Because stands are purchased directly from the developer, VAT has already been included in the purchase price and no transfer duty will be payable.
  • When can I start building my property?
    All municipal services have been installed and your building can start as soon as you have secured your stand and provided your building plans for approval.
  • What is the Home Owners Association (HOA) structure and how will levies be calculated?
    The HOA is a voluntary legal body and non-profit company consisting of all the members of the HOA. It is created to ensure that the communal infrastructure and facilities are owned by the association and provide rules and regulations to ensure a harmonious use of such infrastructure and facilities. Upon transfer of your stand, you shall automatically form part of the HOA. A copy of the HOA rules and regulations are available to you upon request. The levies shall be calculated and agreed upon by the members of the HOA, taking into consideration the required maintenance and upkeep of the estate and HOA.
  • When do I start paying levies?
    Levies are payable upon the transfer of your stand, when you become the proud owner of a slice of Suiderstrand heaven.
  • Are there any environmental protocols that need to be followed during the construction phase of my property?
    Yes, please contact us for exact requirements. A copy of the protocols are available upon request.
  • Are there specific architectural and building/material guidelines?
    Yes, please contact us for exact requirements. A copy of the necessary guidelines are available upon request.
  • Can I use my own architect and/or builder?
    Yes, subject to compliance with the applicable architectural, building and environmental guidelines.
  • Are purchasers obligated to commence and complete building by a given date?
    Yes, in terms of the Offer To Purchase (OTP) you are required to commence and complete the development/construction within a period of 36 (thirty-six) months from the date of transfer, subject to such development/construction being finalised/completed within a maximum period of 12 (twelve) months from date of commencement of such development/construction.
  • Is there a fibre network?
    A high bandwidth fibre network is available in the area. Fibre optic cables will be installed to every stand.
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