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Your dream home awaits at Moquini Bay

Position of Moquini Bay to Agulhas National Park

Moquini Bay, a recently established development nestled in the southernmost tip of the African continent within the charming village of Suiderstrand, offers more than just a property investment. It's a coastal gem bordering the renowned Agulhas National Park, boasting breathtaking views.

In this blog post, we’ll delve deep into the unique opportunities Moquini Bay presents for potential buyers interested in acquiring stands. Join us as we explore the strategic advantages of investing in this coastal paradise, from its breathtaking views to its promising real estate market.


Available comforts for permanent residents

The area provides permanent residents with access to diverse fauna, 58 identified floral species, a top-rated municipality, high bandwidth fibre network, a prime beachfront location, hiking and bike trails, as well as a freshwater spring.


Nearby attractions and lifestyle highlights

Close to where your stand will be lies Agulhas National Park, encompassing the Agulhas Plain and the town of L'Agulhas. The park focuses on preserving endangered lowland fynbos and lowland fynbos on limestone soils. 

Visitors can explore the southernmost point, Cape Agulhas lighthouse, a shipwreck graveyard, and witness seasonal whale sightings. The park offers pristine beaches, rock pools, a tranquil lagoon, and pebbled shores with archaeological fish traps. Suiderstrand, within the park, hosts diverse wildlife, including mammals, reptiles, birds, and insects, while the unique fynbos attracts small buck and rare bird species like the African Black Oystercatcher.

Wine farm

Design concepts for Moquini Bay

For those envisioning their dream coastal home, Moquini Bay provides architectural and design guidelines. Partnering with esteemed firms, Incredible Spaces and Studio Fallon, visionary concept homes are brought to life, ensuring a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality.

These design concepts offer a captivating glimpse into the potential beauty of your future home in Moquini Bay. Impressive, isn't it?

Moquini Bay sunset

Long-term benefits of investing in this idyllic seaside destination

Moquini Bay, with only 15 exclusive stands, promises a haven of serenity. The landscape, untouched and unspoiled, becomes a private spectacle for homeowners. With no impending developments on the horizon, this enchanting destination assures long-term value and tranquillity. It’s the southernmost tip of Africa, there is literally nowhere else to develop unless of course you’re willing to venture into the ocean.

Prime location of Suiderstrand

Suiderstrand provides easy access to essential amenities. Larger grocery shopping can be done in nearby Struisbaai, just 10km away, while smaller convenience stores are available in L’Agulhas, a quick 5-minute drive. Healthcare services, including general practitioners and hospitals, can be accessed in L’Agulhas, Struisbaai, Bredasdorp, and Hermanus. Education options encompass institutions such as Zoetendal Academy, Struisbaai Primêre Skool, Hoërskool Bredasdorp, and more. Public services are efficiently administered by the esteemed Cape Agulhas Municipality.

Moquini Bay isn't just a premium coastal development; it's an invitation to live the coastal dream. Live your dream now by purchasing a stand.

Secure your dream stand. Contact us today!


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